Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Coverage Related Questions
Q. What are the benefits? If I claim under the benefits will my NCD be affected?
The table below shows the benefits. Claiming under the benefits will not affect NCD but excess may apply.
 Charger liability protection Replacement costs of Your Private Electric Charger Up to HK$5,000
Excess: $500 
Accidents caused by the direct usage of a Designated Charger by the Tesla Motor CarUp to HK $300,000
Excess: $25,000 
Third party property damage, death or bodily injury arising from an Accident caused by or due to the direct usage of a Designated Charger or a Private Electric Charger by the Tesla Motor Car at the time of the AccidentUp to HK$20,000,000
 Car Loan ProtectionUpon an Accidental Death during a Policy Period, the Company will pay the Tesla's outstanding car loanUp to 80% of outstanding car loan, subject to:
Model S / Model X
Maximum sum of HK$300,000
Model 3
Maximum sum of HK$150,000
 Key Replacement BenefitReplacement for Car’s key due to accidental loss or damage or TheftUp to HK$5,000.00
Excess: 20% per claim 
 New For Old Replacement Vehicle
 (New Tesla by first registered
 owner only) 
Replacement for Vehicle sustained total loss in an Accident or TheftA New for Old replacement vehicle of the same make and model
 Personal AccidentCoverage for Named Driver & Passenger who is occupying at the time of AccidentInsured/Named Driver - Up to HKD350,000
Passenger - Up to HKD50,000
 24-Hour Emergency Service
HKSAR only) 
Roadside & Towing ServicesNot exceed HK$1,000 per Accident or claim
 Free Windscreen & Sunroof CoverFree Windscreen benefit
Model S / Model X
Up to HK$20,000
Subject to Excess: HK$2,000
Model 3
Up to HK$10,000
Subject to Excess: HK$2,000
 Mobility ServiceDamage requires a repair exceeding 48 hours or discovered stolen within 48hoursMobility Services up to $5,000
 1 Hour Legal Advisory Services
(HKSAR only)  
Legal Advisory Service when an Accident to your Tesla Motor Car in which third party bodily injury is allegedly involved1-Hour
Up to 12 months – 0%
>12 up to 24 months – 10%
 Fixed Depreciation on RepairsIn the event of an Accident that repairs to the Tesla Motor Car are required>24 up to 36 months – 15%
>36 months and thereafter –  Market depreciation % at the time of loss 
 Theft of personal effects due to
 break-In (HKSAR only)
Cover losses of personal effects arising from Theft due to break-in following a forcible and violent entry (excludes money, gift cards, cash cards, mobile phones, spare parts, equipment and Accessories) HK$5,000 per item
HK$20,000 for any one Policy Period
 No Claim Discount Protection
 (30% & above)
During a Policy Period the total claims not exceeding the benefit limit will be entitled to the same NCD on the next renewal premiumTotal claims not exceed HK$100,000
or 20% of the Estimated Value (whichever is the lesser)
High Mileage Excess
Q. What is High Mileage Excess?
High Mileage Excess is intended to keep insurance premium at a reasonable level for drivers with different mileage requirement.
Q. How does it apply?
There are two figures used: the Average Daily Mileage which can be obtained from the Tesla car, and the Mileage Limit as stated in the insurance policy.
In the unfortunate case that when an accident occurs, the Average Daily Mileage, as of the date of accident, is obtained. If the figure is higher than the stated Mileage Limit, the High Mileage Excess will be applied in addition to the Own Damage Excess.
    A = Date of accident
    B = Date of when the mileage was reported for policy purchase
    Mileage Limit = mileage limit stated in policy
if    is greater than the mileage limit, the High Mileage Excess will apply.
New Ownership Excess
Q. What is New Ownership Excess? 
New Ownership Excess applies to drivers who are new to driving Tesla cars, regardless of how long they have driven a non-Tesla car before. The Excess is intended to encourage the driver to be vigilant when first getting used to driving a Tesla, so that chances of accident can be minimized. If the driver had driven a Tesla car before for more than 6 months, the New Ownership Excess can be waived upon supporting document (e.g. proof of Tesla ownership) is provided.
Q. How does it apply?
If an accident happens during the first six months of ownership, the excess will apply on top of the Own Damage Excess.
Non-Coverage Related Questions
Q. What is the relationship between Liberty and Tesla?
Liberty is the provider of InsureMyTesla in Hong Kong - a mileage based insurance product developed in cooperation with Tesla specifically designed for Tesla owners.
Q. Is there any relationship between Liberty and AXA?
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group was founded in 1912 in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. It is a Fortune 100 company with more than 50,000 employees worldwide as of 2017. Its operation in Hong Kong, Liberty International Insurance Limited, is an authorised insurer regulated by the Insurance Authority and has been in business since 1973.
Liberty and AXA are two separate insurance companies, and there is no business relation between them. 
Q. When did Liberty start insuring Tesla cars in Hong Kong? When did Liberty become Tesla’s insurance partner?
Liberty has been insuring Tesla cars since 2014. The official partnership between Liberty and Tesla started in 2018 June. Since then, Tesla has become a registered insurance agent of Liberty, and is authorized to provide insurance services.
Q. What are the differences between Liberty’s Mileage Based Insurance and other motor insurance products in the market?
One key characteristic of Liberty’s Mileage Based Insurance, as suggested by its name, is that the insurance premium is calculated based on the amount of kilometers you drive, among other factors. Some of the benefits available under this product are also tailor-made for Tesla cars only, such as charger liability protection and new-for-old replacement.
Q. How is the premium calculated under Liberty’s Mileage Based Insurance?
We consider the mileage bracket each Tesla owner falls into. The base premium is then adjusted according to the specifics of the Tesla car (i.e. model and trim, year of manufacture, etc.) and details of the drivers (i.e. NCD, driver information, driving experience, etc.).
Q. What mileage information needs to be provided for premium calculation?
If you are a new owner of a Tesla car (first-hand / second-hand), there is no mileage information needed
If you are Tesla Owner, and if your Tesla is a first-hand car, then please provide:
- Current mileage, and
- Date of first registration
Q. Where can I find the current mileage?
- Tesla Touch Screen (inside the car) showing the current mileage and VIN (see picture below)
- Tesla Apps connecting your Tesla
Q. Where can I find the date of first registration?
The date of first registration is on the Vehicle Registration Document issued by the Transportation Department.
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